Bound to you one and Wheels and Hogs Reviews By Susan Whitaker

Bound to you one and Wheels and Hogs Reviews by Susan Whitaker

This review is from: Bound to You: Volume 1 (Millionaire’s Row) (Kindle Edition)
I was given Bound to You for a honest review, I started out thinking it was just gonna be a short not much volume to it story and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised I couldn’t put it down. Rebecca is a type character I can identify with she is more realistic than most of your typical female roles, curvy and strong willed then comes this sexy stranger when she is in a vulnerable place in her life and let me tell you Nicholas had my attention from the beginning. The story is well written and draws you in. Great job Vanessa Brooke thank you for allowing me to read your story can not wait for more!
I was lucky and given this as an ARC FOR A HONEST REVIEW, well I will say it is written with so much heart and emotions that at first I thought Des was this non feeling shut off man but as you will find that May very well not be true. I will say if you love some steamy hard core sex scenes you will love this Novella, it’s completely smoking hot. I love that all characters are introduced and how and what they do for his company and life, it’s a really nice switch to your typical story. Honestly I can’t wait for more I want to know what will happen with Des and the business and especially what will happen with Dee Dee and their amazing chemistry. Thank you D.M. Earl for bring a great read and I look toward to the continuation of what will be a epic story.

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