Author Kirsty Moseley Interview By Katey Stead

Kirsty Moseley

About your books

Did you always hope to become a writer?

Not really. I always loved writing and creating new worlds and characters, but I never dared dream that it would lead to anything.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Just to carry on enjoying writing my books, hopefully people will continue to enjoy reading them but if not then I hope to never lose the passion I have for writing. That’s my goal.

Which writers inspire you?

JK Rowling, Stephen King, Penelope Douglas, Jay Crownover. Basically just anyone who manages to sit at a laptop and pour their heart and soul into a book. It’s hard so I am inspired by everyone who puts their hearts out there.

What genre do you class your books?

New adult romance.

What books have you written to date?

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window, Always You, Free Falling, Nothing Left to Lose, Enjoying the Chase, Reasons Not to Fall in Love. And a new one out in the couple of weeks, One Wild Night

Could you please include links?

Links to my amazon page and itunes are below, individual links are on my website if you need them.

Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers?

Nope, solely just me.

If not, who would you most like to write with?

Penelope Douglas, Jay Crownover. Bet they would be amazing to work with.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

Full time.

Do you have a particular time when you write?

Yep, I only write during school term time. When my little boy is home I don’t work. (Makes it hard to do anything during the school summer holidays!)

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer to just see where an idea takes you?

I always outline. I admire the ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ authors, but I’m a little OCD about wanting every aspect all thought out before I start writing it.

Do you have any funny stories from when you were researching a storyline?

I have a story that involves a card thief (it’s not out yet) when I was researching that one it got pretty detailed – I’m thinking I may now be able to steal a car in real life…

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Depends on the distractions, I don’t work that fast. Usually it’s about six months for the first draft and then there’s rewrites and edits and stuff like that. Nothing Left to Lose took me about two years to get to the point where I was happy enough to send it to the editor!

Do you ever suffer from writer’s Block?

Yes! Hate that!

Any tips on how to get through writer’s block?

I usually just wait it out and hope it goes away. I try lots of stuff but it never really works, forcing it is the worst idea I find.

Do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books?

I love a good old fashioned paperback. However, I do have a kindle so it’s so much easier to read on there. If I find a book that I LOVE on my kindle though, I will usually buy the hardcopy for my shelf!

Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

I do a rewrite of a book once it’s through the first draft stage. After that I leave it a while then read through and usually change up some more. After that it goes to an editor. I could never actually edit my own work, you miss so many things. Fresh eyes are always the best idea.

Do you think that the cover plays an important part in someone buying your book?

The cover is all about catching the readers’ eye and getting them to read the description. If you don’t have a cover that appeals to readers then they’re less likely to click through and read what it’s about.

How do you publish your books?
(Indie, traditional or both)

I’m Indie, though my last book (a short story) was traditionally published.

Would you or do you use a PR agency?

I have just signed with a PR agency, just because it was getting too time consuming marketing myself all the time, it was taking time away from writing so I was starting to struggle.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

Everyone has bad reviews. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all liked the same thing?

Do you think that giving books away free works and why?

Absolutely, as a marking tool, for a short period of time at least. When my books are included in a free promo (recently Nothing Left to Lose was in a free promo that iBooks ran) my other books sell better. Not sure how feasible it is long term having a free book though, it can devalue the market a little.

Did you format your own books?

Yes and I hate it! Very time consuming. I may have to look into getting someone else to do it in the future.

In what formats are your books available?

Ebook and paperback.


A bit more about you!!

What were you like when you were younger?

If you ask my parents, they’d say – cheeky, sarcastic and loud.

How do you like to relax?

Eating chocolate and watching TV, reading in the bath.

Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

JK Rowling, she’s like a goddess to me.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

Harry Potter series – not because of how popular it is or how much money it’s made, but because I still remember the first time I was thrown into the lad of magic and muggles. Can’t wait for my son to turn around and ask me to borrow my HP books!

How can readers find out more about you and you work? (Include website, Facebook, Twitter accounts)

Twitter: @KirstyEMoseley




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