Deep Blue by Jules Barnard


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Deep Blue
by Jules Barnard
Blue #1
Publication Date: March 6, 2014
Genres:Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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Synopsis: First loves, second chances…

When Cali Morgan kicks off her perfect post-college summer in Lake Tahoe, she

has everything she ever wanted: acceptance into a top law program, a gorgeous boyfriend, and

an incredible summer planned with her best friend.

Confident about her place in the

world, Cali makes it her mission to be her friend’s wingwoman and help her meet guys. What Cali

doesn’t count on is running into Jaeger Lang, one of her older brother’s high school friends, or the

sparks that fly when she’s around him.

Jaeger has changed, and it’s not just the added

height and muscle. There’s something about him that’s deep and a little scarred. In spite of the

changes, Jaeger becomes a top pick for her friend—if Cali can keep her hands off him.


when Cali’s boyfriend dumps her and her carefully laid plans begin to unravel, she finds herself

questioning what it is she truly desires. In the midst of doubts about her future, one thing is

very clear: she wants Jaeger for her own. The question is, has her friend already fallen for him?

Deep Blue is book #1 in the Blue Series.

This New Adult book is intended for

readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

About Jules Barnard


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Jules Barnard is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She

attended UC Davis, whose college landscape often finds its way into her New Adult novels. She has

a Master’s degree and spent many an hour running statistical analysis, until she realized her favorite

part of the job was writing reports. She decided to cut out the math and add in some hot guys, and

so began her career as a novelist.

Jules is a Northern California native living on the coast with her

husband and two children. She has no impulse control around cupcakes and credits herself with the

ability to read while running on the treadmill or burning dinner.



“Cheap beer at 5:30 in the morning? I will gladly take said beer and drink it like it is mother’s

milk. The carbonation might settle my stomach. At the very least, a light buzz could dim the

sexual tension and sense of doom in the air—or make it worse.”

First loves, second chances…


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