***Cover Reveal *** Outbreak The Beginning by Author Deausha Kristal***

                                        Title : Outbreak The Beginning
                                        Author : Deausha Kristal
                                        Genre : Post Apocalyptic
                                        Cover : James Price




Egypt, wakes up one morning to discover something weird is going
on. People in town come down with the flu, but the virus isn’t what it
seems. She watches helplessly as her worst nightmare comes true. And
whether she’s ready or not every decision from now on becomes a matter
of life and death.

Taking one day at a time, Egypt and her family must struggle with
the new frightening reality of survival in a world gone crazy. Nothing
could ever prepare her for the events about to unfold.

When the fighting and chaos threatens to destroy everything,
Egypt fears she will lose  those she loves most. Will family and friends
die an ugly horrifying death, only to return as hideous monsters,
hungry for her flesh? And if Egypt does survive – What then ? Can life
ever return to normal for Egypt, and can she find love or will that be
lost to her forever ??



Cover Reveal Party : August 23 at 1:00pm until 10:00pm

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