***After the Pain by Gia Riley Release Day Launch***

Displaying Cover: After the Pain by Gia Riley

After the Pain
by Gia Riley
Publication Date: September 4, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Novella, Roman


Displaying Full Cover: After the Pain by Gia Riley


Does everything really happen for a reason?

Hallie Dawson is battling with a broken heart yet determined to give love a second chance.

Once again, time isn’t in her favor. Her moments After the Pain are filled with promises of a better

future and personal secrets. With mysterious notes continuously haunting her and a secret friendship

with a fellow musician, Hallie is struggling to stay true to her heart.

Tall, dark and

handsome, Sean Thomas, is tired of being second best. This time, the good guy refuses to finish

last. If he wants to get the girl, he’s going to have to confront the one person who broke his heart.

His past is on a collision course with his future – will he be able to hang onto his connection

with Hallie?

After the Pain is a Contemporary Romance novel about restoring faith

in the beauty of love. Can Sean put the pieces of Hallie’s heart back together? Will love conquer

all, or will jealousy and secrets tear them apart?

Also in the SeriesDisplaying Cover: Between the Pain by Gia Riley

About Gia Riley

I’m both a Contemporary Romance Author and a Behavioral

Therapist. Writing has been a passion of mine since high school, where I took my very first creative

writing class. Since I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves their happily ever after, I love creating

emotional stories about life and love. I’m also an active wife and mother. When I have a quiet

moment, I love to swap my play-doh for my laptop. I also enjoy traveling, listening to music and of

course reading.

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