***Release Blitz for CADENCE REFLECTION(Wheels & Hogs #2) by D.M. Earl***

orCadence  cover

Title: Cadence

Reflection (Wheels & Hogs #1)

Author: D.M.


Genre: Contemporary


Release Date: November

6, 2014



Cadence Powers is tattooed, pierced, and

panty dropping gorgeous. Women love him and men want to be him. It appears to the world that he has

it all, but what people don’t see is that Cadence is a damaged haunted man, held back by untold secrets

that keep him from living a real life.

When he meets Trinity Vinkers, he feels as if he can finally live the life he desperately wants. However,

just as their friendship begins to grow, one stupid act causes that friendship to shatter, all because he

lets his guard down allowing her into his life.

Trinity appears to be the light to Cadence’s dark. Innocent, naïve, and goofy, she seems to bring out the

best in everyone around her, but she has her own dark secret. Her persona allows her to fake her way

through life, at least until she meets him. Trying not to let her feelings for Cadence get the best of her is

taken out of her hands when she makes a wrong decision that leaves her left with an unexpected


As life takes both Cadence and Trinity down a path that neither will forget, they are unaware of the evil

lurking around them. It’s watching, waiting to step in and take everything from Cadence.

As the young lovers struggle with their secrets, a close friend will also be fighting for something,… her

life. As time goes by, Cadence and the Horde from Wheels & Hogs decide that they have to do

whatever it takes to keep what is theirs safe, even as death hovers around like a dark angel.

About The



D.M. Earl resides in Northwest

Indiana. An avid reader for many many years she has finally taken the jump to start writing her own

stories professionally. When not reading or writing D.M can be found on her Harley Dyna hitting the

road beside her husband riding his own Harley Ultra Classic.

D.M. enjoys her “kids” 4 dogs, 2 indoor cats & 3 outdoor cats. D.M. loves to be outside be it

reading, writing or sitting on the deck listening to the chimes with the dogs at her feet.  Also her love of

gardening is reflected in numerous flower beds and a large vegetable garden.

Connelly’s Horde is her first published work released July 3, 2014. This is a Novella in her series Wheels

& Hogs.

She is currently working on Book 2 Cadence Reflection which will publish on November 6, 2014.

Please check out her Author pages at:

Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Email

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