Girls breaking the Rules by Kelsey Burns



Out now!! TASH

If you liked James and Tash’s story, then you’re going to love Johnny and Lex’s. 
The girls are back from Marbella and there’s more fun and frolics to be had. 

These girls like to break the rules, but no one will break these girls! 
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Meet Alexa; Flighty, flirty and lots of fun. A beautician by day, by night she works a pole. 

Strong in mind and body, no one messes with this sharp tongued girl, and no one can look away when she’s strutting her stuff. 
Johnny Murphy is a handsome Dubliner with a knicker-dropping accent, and bundles of charm. He’s also the brother of Tash’s boyfriend, James. 
Like all good stories, it begins in the pub, but can drunken flirting lead to something else?
Will they be a match made in heaven? Or will the past tear them apart?

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