Autumn Archer

Verto Veneri ~ The Unforgettable Series #1

Autumn Archer



After months of planning, Lana Craig and her boyfriend, Rory, enter the exclusive club ‘Verto Veneri’ in Belfast, known only to the rich and salacious, by invitation only. They step inside as a united, happy couple but leave separately as fate casts a web of lust and deceit.


High flying playboy Marcus McGrath has no intention of committing himself to a woman, ever. His sole focus is business, with no room for a relationship. Why bother tethering himself to one woman, when he can have the pick of any woman he wants?


Inside the club, Rory quickly disappears, leaving Lana all alone to innocently break the strict Verto Veneri rules. Her path crosses that of the sexy, unattainable owner. Lana quickly becomes a target for his attention, but she plans to marry Rory in the future, even though the spark between Marcus and Lana leaves them both with an unforgettable and unquenchable desire.


Marcus wants what he can’t have.


Lana’s loyalty prevents her from leaving Rory.


Secrets are revealed and a murder brings all their lives to a heart-stopping standstill.


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Veritas ~ The Unforgettable Series #2

Releases: November 30

Autumn Archer


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Lana had broken her promise.   

She left and walked straight into danger.   

Her saviour…he rescues her from the hands of a mad man.   

Her captor…he imprisons her heart.   

Her liberator…he lets her go.   

They fall apart under the aftermath of her abduction. 

He lets her leave but quickly realises it was the wrong decision.   

Danger hides in the shadows and Lana trips into the arms of a sexy Italian stranger, Emilio Falcone…   

Will anyone else die?   

Will her Saviour, Captor, Liberator come to his senses, or will it be too late for them?




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