About Love2readyourbooks

I have being a blogger now for about 5 years now it all started when  I purchased my first kindle. I became hooked on reading different authors new genres etc after a while I had decided that I wanted to then become a blogger and that’s how it all happened for me really. I originally had a blog called BookPimpers which I currently ran with a few friends. Stuck at that for 5 years however for the last 15 months as such I have taken time out and only really posted up bits here and there but not as consistent as before. However that is all now to change as I am ready and waiting to get back into the blogging community and cannot wait to read and work alongside the authors new and old.

As it’s only me currently running this website and other social media pages I will be taking it slowly for now so I will be able to do the following but within reason.


  • Read  Arcs
  • Give Reviews
  • Promote on Social Networking Sites
  • Do giveaways
  • Provide Help for new authors and old.


I love to read books of all genres Paranormal, Erotic, Contemporary Romance.

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