***Interview with MJ Carnal by Susan Whitaker***

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What is your name or Author name if different and tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m MJ Carnal, or as my friends call me, Mel.  I’ve lived all over the place, including South America.  My claim to fame before The Moretti Novels?  Swimming in the Amazon River.  I live in South Carolina, AKA, the pits of hell!  It’s still 105 degrees here.

 When did your 1st start writing? 

I’ve been writing my whole life.  (My mom is a writer)  But, I didn’t get serious about it until 2013.  I had been reading anything I could get my hands on.  I had two back surgeries in 3 months and was pretty much stuck in bed.  I started writing Taming the Bachelor in February 2013.  And the rest is history.

What is your intended audience when writing your books? 

Anyone insterested in something steamy that involves amazing men.  I love creating your next book boyfriend.  I love meeting the little old ladies that come see me at signings.  THEY ARE HEROS to me!!

How did you come up the the titles of your books/series? 

My newest series, Liquid Regret, came to me while I was talking to one of my girlfriends over margaritas.  I wanted something that represented sorrow and liquid regret means tears.  My Moretti Novels started out as the Taming Series.  But, I fell in love with Mark Moretti (And Alex Turner, Cover Model) so I changed the name.  All of the Moretti Novels have Taming in the title.  EXCEPT for the final Moretti Novel, Untamed.  That one I did a contest and had my readers pick the final name.

Which writers/authors inspire you? 

Rachel Van Dyken really inspires me.  Her books always help me out of a writing slump because they are either full of suspense or full of comedy.  My mom also inspires me.  From her poetry to self help articles, she’s a genius.

Who is your favorite male and female characters from your books?

Andi and Kevin from Taming Casanova.  They have the wittiest banter.  They are funny and completely in love but are in denial about it.  They have a bunch of one liners that make me laugh.

What do you find to be the hardest part of writing your books? 

Not rushing it.  I have a lot to say but I don’t want to put too much in.  It’s about finding the right balance between what’s important and what’s implied.

What are all the books to date that you have written?

The Moretti Novels:  Taming the Bachelor, Taming the Playboy, Taming the Boy Next Door, Taming Casanova and Untamed.  Liquid Regret will be released 10/13/14.  Have you seen my cover models?  WHEW!

What are you currently working on? 

Liquid Regret, book one of the Liquid Regret Series.  The release date isOctober 13.  (God help me!) The other books in the series are Liquid Courage, Liquid Assets and Liquid ???

Do you do research for your books/series?

Not alot.  I do google things if I need some general information.  I also have access to MDs so anything health related, I stalk them with questions.

Give us some interesting fun facts about your books/series? 

Mark Moretti was based on a man I had a huge crush on growing up.  He was my brother’s friend and OFF LIMITS!  I want to be Andi Allen when I grow up because she’s strong and powerful and won’t put up with anyone’s S&*T.  Kevin Merck is in honor of a special friend that I lost in a car accident 8 years ago.  I wrote the first five novels lying down in my bed.  No desk.  Just my stomach.  There’s a lot of it so I could have written that way forever if my damn wrists wouldn’t have started hurting.

 Did you have support from your family and friends while writing all your books? 

My friends are AMAZING.  They push me every day.  I feel like I have my own cheerleaders.  I am so blessed.  My family has been great too.  My mom has read my books.  (HOLY CRAP!  No, we do not talk about the subjects.  EVER!)  My daughter loves to tell people her mommy writes “chapter books”.  My goal for 2014 is get my husband to read one.  HA HA

Tell us something we don’t know about you? 

I was adopted.  I have no idea who my birth parents are and have never really looked for them.  I had an amazing childhood with my adoptive parents and I can’t imagine life any other way.

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?

I sing.  Don’t laugh.  If you hear my speaking voice, you would never believe it.  Hello nasal midwest accent.  I grew up in musical theater and I still love it.  I will put on an entire show in karaoke if you’d let me.

What can readers do to help continue success for you as an Author? 

Leave reviews on Amazon.  The more reviews a book has, the more often Amazon will recommend it.  That’s the biggest gift you can give an author.  🙂

Are you inspired by people in your personal life for certain characters?

Actually, my cover models all inspire me.  I find my cover model before I write the book.  That way, I can write in their quirks and their hobbies.  I also describe their tats, etc.  I enjoy getting to know them so much.  I have such an amazingly humble group of men that I work with.  I am honored to call them all friends.

 What can we expect from you in the future? 

I hope lots and lots of bestsellers.  HA HA.  BUT, if a few people buy my books, my job is done.  The Liquid Regret series is about a rockband.  All of them have similiar pasts and got together over mutual interests.  They are a dysfunctional group that find love and comfort through music.  Book one is an erotic suspense.  Not sure what I will work on after that.  Anything is possible.

Do you have any tips for new authors/writers trying to get published?

Just do it!  Put yourself out there.  It’s a huge risk but it is SO worth it.  The indie community is amazingly supportive.  Open yourself up and believe in yourself.  It’s a risk worth taking.

 What is one thing you have learned from writing all your books?

People are amazing.  I have met the most awesome people.  My readers are the best.  They really are.  They are friendly and I love to get to know them.  Don’t be shy.  Come up and talk to me.  Every single one of you makes my life more complete.

 Is there anything else you would like to add? 

There is an amazing anthology coming out in December to benefit the Marine Corp.  Stay tuned.

Author J L Beck Interview by Susan Whitaker and Review on Bittersweet Revenge

What is your name or Author name if different and tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Josi Beck, but I write under the name J.L. Beck, its short and a lot easier to spell. My name is often spelt wrong. I’m a stay at home mom, and full time student from Elroy, WI. My life is pretty chaotic most days, between making sure my husband isn’t doing anything crazy, and spending time with my daughter I’m surprised I even have time to write. I’m a lover of all things caffeine (seriously, you don’t want to see me without it. 😉 ). I’m a lover of all books, all shapes and sizes, and if it weren’t for the love of reading there is no way I would be writing.

 When did you 1st start writing?

Oh boy. I first started writing, probably back in high school. You see I hated English, like hated it so much that I almost failed every English class I took. I was told never to write a book, and looking back on it now I know why it was so hard to write then. Purely because I wasn’t writing what I wanted to write.

 What is the name of your current book that you are working on now?

My current WIP is titled Bittersweet Hate, and it is the third book in the Bittersweet Novella series. For those of you who have read the first book, yes Corey and Mimi get there own book. Possibly two.

 How did you come up with the titles of your books/series?

Well, I knew that Bittersweet Revenge would be titled what it was. I was stuck with it and I felt that, anything that is “Bittersweet” per-say is something that leaves a ever last affect. For instance bittersweet chocolate, or anything really. That’s what these books do, when you walk away after reading this series I want you to feel what the characters did, I want you to get why its bittersweet. I want you to question what would I do if I was in there shoes.

 Which writers/Authors inspire you?

Are you sure your ready for this? Honestly, I never use to read much. Like none at all, when I did start reading I read Laurann Dohner’s “New Species” series and I was hooked. From there on I went to the FSOG, to Taking Chances by Molly McAdams, to dark/paranormal romances by S.L. Jennings.

 Who is your favorite male and female characters from your books?

Ahhh. I was hoping this question would never be asked. I love all my characters, I really do. But honestly, I’m more in love with those that don’t have there stories told yet. Those being Ryder and Corey’s. Mimi, would have to be my favorite lady lead. Shes very easy to write, and her words just flow. Plus her come backs are awesome.

What do you find to be the hardest part of writing your books?

The hardest part of writing my book is the beginning, once I hit the 10,000 word mark everything’s good, but getting there. Ehhh. That’s another story.

 Do people from your personal life inspire your books?

Haha. YES! I grew up in a small town. I still live in that same town so some of the people in my book reflect those that I have known almost my whole life.

 What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Mimi and Corey’s book which I’m hoping to release October 7th 2014!!!

Do you research for your books/series?

Oh heck yes. I’m horrible at the meanings of words, and spelling. Sometimes I’m looking so deep into the internet I’m questioning if some of the things people ask are serious? LOL.

 Give us some interesting fun facts about your books/series?

Interesting facts…. Hmmm. Mimi is based off of one/two of my friends a mix of them. Rex is actually based off of my husband, they have the same mentality and idea of romance. When I picture the scenes in my head they’re from the exact school I went to high-school at. The whole lay out of the school in the book is the same as mine was where I graduated.

 Did you have support from your family and friends while writing all your books?

Oh my gosh, YES. My husband and friends have been the best. You truly realize who your true friends are once you start writing. Many of my friends went weeks without hearing a word from me, but they were understanding. BUT, I have made many more friends. The author community is huge, and I just want to say I love every single one of you.

 Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I’m a huge procrastinator, my whole relationship with my husband is based of off inside jokes. I love sandals. Like love them so much I would wear them year round, and here in WI, in January that’s not a good idea.

Do you have and unique talents or hobbies?

Bahaha. Talents, no. Well maybe writing, but then again I’m my own worst enemy there. I love to sing, and dance. My husband tells me I’m funny, and I tend to joke about a lot of things. I love all things arty, painting, coloring, crafts, you name it.

 What can readers do to help continue success for you as an Author?

Well buy me books of course. 😉 Then theirs this thing called an Amazon author page not sure what you do there, but I’m sure ya’ll know. Stalk me, yell at me for being online, and just push me to do more. I can get off track fast, and having a fan base hold me liable to doing what I promise to do.

 If you could change anything about your experience so far what would it be and why?

One word, Goodreads. I tend to have a soft heart when others say something to me it goes straight to heart and I end up hurting over it. With that said, we all know that Goodreads is probably the last place I should be. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to like your book, you can’t win them all. So for future books, I wont be look at Goodreads. Its hard to write, when you read that stuff.

 What can we expect from you in the future?

The better question is what can you not expect from me? I have tons of future plans, and am currently plotting books to release after the Bittersweet Series is done.

 Do you have any tips for new authors/writers trying to get published?

I have tons. Before I self published I sent my book to publishers and was in the process of getting picked up (for the Bittersweet Series), anyway they told me that it needed to be “cleaned” up (language) and the ending needed changed. Well as the author I can tell you write now, that if the characters want the book to end a certain way it will. When I say I have little control over what happens I’m not lying. So basically, if someone tells you that you can’t do something do it just to prove them wrong, not just that but do it because its what you love. I don’t write for the money, or the fame, or anything along those lines I write for those first two people that told me. Wow, I love this book. So if you want to write, write for them.

 What is one thing you have learned from writing all your books?

Well, I’ve learned that self publishing is a lot harder than initially thought. Huge pain, but its so worth it to get out there, and give these books to you all. You have no idea how grateful I am to have you as fans.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you. Thank you for doing this interview, thank you to the blogs that took a chance on me. Thank you to my editor, my cover designer Sarah at Sprinkles on Top, thank you to my betas, my street teams, to every single one of you who leaves a review (good/bad), to the blogs. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. XOXOXOXO

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Bittersweet Revenge, a book that leaves you breathless, and begging for more. You will cry, you will cheer, and most of all you will feel. You will know what its like to be bullied, loved, and betrayed. Are you ready?
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Author links: https://www.facebook.com/Jo.L.Beck?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorJLBeck


Bittersweet Revenge by J.L. Beck
Amazon and Goodreads review
July 29, 2014

I was gifted this ARC by the Author for a Honest review, this book touches on some serious issues these days bullies and how horrible it can be for anyone being done this way. So I will say I really loved this novella I want the 2nd one ASAP. Jenna just seems like your typical teenager that believes in the HEA and wants to be loved and Corey ruins that for her which starts a whole chain of events for their lives, in walks Rex and he is this beautiful classmate that she is instantly attracted to but with major trust issues where do you go from there. Mimi her best friend is really awesome I love her spitfire personality and straight forwardness! This is a great debut novella can’t wait for more. Thank you J.L. Beck for touches on hard subjects and writing a story that isn’t your typical story!