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Why you should Read More Romance 

 Why You Should Read More Romance
There’s nothing quite like curling up in a comfy chair with a glass of wine and a good romance novel. For some it’s a rare guilty-pleasure; for others it’s an envy-inducing routine; but few realize that reading a good romance novel is also a great way to better your sex life in addition to your emotional and mental well-being.

Take a look at a few of the added perks that passionate paperbacks have to offer.

They Can Spur Your Creativity

One of the most obvious perks of reading romance novels is the exposure to new romantic scenarios. Did a particular chapter have you pining for candlelit dinner? Maybe there was one passage that kept you dreaming about a new position for days. If so, put your newly found interests to good use with your partner!

As explains, the old “use it or lose it” motto is actually pretty accurate when it comes to sexual desire. This means that having sex makes you want it even more, while not having sex makes you desire it less.

Reading romance novels can give you the encouraging push you need to heat things up again. After a few new adventurous undertakings in the bedroom (or elsewhere), you might not be able to keep your hands off one another!

They Help You Gain New Perspective

Sometimes people don’t realize the limited perspectives they have access to in life. Friends and family, although with good intentions, usually reinforce our own views, and it can be difficult to see things outside our own mindset. Reading romance novels provides a unique opportunity to gain empathy for your partner, because you can relate the experiences you read about to situations in your own relationship. By getting an inside look at how other couples interact and feel, you may be able to communicate more effectively with your loved one.

There are even books that have started taking this perk to another level for readers. If you’ve read the popular E.L. James novel, Fifty Shades of Grey (and really, who hasn’t at this point), then there’s a lot to be gained from reading her newest installment to the series, Grey. As explained in the description from, this novel follows the same storyline of the first, but it is told from the perspective of Christian Grey, rather than Anastasia Steele. By reading both novels, you can learn the different ways each partner sees certain situations and possibly gain insight to the different views your own partner has.

They Can Better Your Overall Health

In addition to the impact romance novels can have on your sexual health, they can also serve to better your cognitive health. According to an article from, reading romance novels satisfies much more than just your mental need for entertainment. They cited a particular study from Rush University Medical Center that proved that “Adults who spent their downtime doing creative or intellectual activities (like reading) had a 32 percent slower rate of cognitive decline later in life than those who did not.”

They also stated that reading could reduce stress, boost your vocabulary, and help strengthen your memory.

What can’t these novels accomplish?

Romance novels have become much more mainstream in the last few years. However, on the rare occasion that someone still gives you a hard time for indulging in a passionate paperback, just brush it off and remember: Your mind, body, and sex life are much better off.

*** Pre Order Avowed Book 3 in the Manipulation Series by Alicia Taylor & Natalie Towson***


Title: Avowed – The Manipulation Trilogy Book Three
Authors: Alicia Taylor & Natalie Townson
Genre: Romantic Suspense.


Three years ago I vowed revenge. Now I’m married with secrets, desperate to get past them.

I set out to destroy the man I thought ruined my life. I never saw it coming when he turned out to be the love I couldn’t live without.

Damon was my target, now I’m determined to keep him.

Will he be able to get past my confessions, and forgive my actions? Will I be able to forgive his? We’ve come too far to lose it all now. It’s time to fight for us, fight for our happiness. 

Not every story is as it seems but it’s time to avow our sins.

Both of us.





Alicia Taylor was born and raised in the
East Midlands town of Derby, England, where she lives with her family and mass
of animals – she’s a huge family and animal lover.
Writing powerful love stories and
creating Alpha males with a dash of darkness has become a passion of mine, and
I have many stories and characters swirling in my head that I can’t wait to
share with you all. Is it weird to have so many voices in my head? I’m not
crazy, I promise… maybe a little bit.
Connect with Alicia

Natalie Townson

Natalie Townson is 33, a mother of one
beautiful little boy and lives in Gloucester in the UK with her Husband.
Corrupted is her debut novel that is a book one of the manipulation trilogy,
that she co writes with Alicia Taylor. Warped is book two in the manipulation
series. She has had a love of reading since a young age and her favorite
authors are Sophie Kinsella, J.S.Scott, Melody Anne and Stephanie Meyer to name
a few.
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*** Spotlight Tour The Moments Series by Joan Duszynski***



In The Stars
In The Moments Series Book 1



Caroline Reyes is starting her second year of college nothing like the first. Following a car accident over the summer with her best friend Raleigh she is now stuck with a bitch for a roommate as Raleigh recovers at home.

One Saturday morning starts off with a bang, literally at Caroline’s door and leads to her needing to comfort a very distraught stranger. This brings Caroline into her first run in with Eric. She feels completely lust driven at just the sight of him, even though his words just piss her off. She can’t shake the sensations running thru her though even after their brief meeting is over. Then comes Kyle and he is determined to get to know Caroline better and she feels the same way dismissing her earlier run in as just crazy hormones.

Now she is left with decisions having to be made and knowing someone is going to get hurt in the process. That someone could be her alone.

Caroline has always looked into the stars for comfort and reassurance since she was a little girl with her Daddy. Now she is looking up into them praying for the right answers and hoping they can help her along with her Daddy who is amongst them now.




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In The Now
In The Moments Series Book 2



When the heartache of what Tara Wright believed was her love and life plan with her high school sweetheart follows her into a new year. Tara begins to rely on the three new and beautiful friendships that came compellingly into her life.

Caroline, easily becoming the perfect best friend for Tara. Thru Caroline she receives the encouragingly, witty Raleigh as a new found friend as well. Meeting Adam at a time where she needs to rediscover herself has her scared and confused. Every moment spent with him has her head swirling and her stubborn walls weakening.

Adam is the man that can make her laugh, give her support, and make her heart skip a beat every time he comes into view. He’s everything Tara needs to make her way back out of her stubborn shell of fear she’s closed herself into.

Finally starting to spend more time together and watching Adam in his realm of adrenaline induced racing at the Motocross has Tara’s weakening walls finally crumbling to the ground and singeing in the heat Adam brings to her.

Has it all just been a crazy ride to recognize true love? Can Adam fix Tara’s broken heart and make her believe that their love is In The Now?




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In The Fairytale
In The Moments Series Book 3
Releasing December 2014


In every fairytale there’s anger, hurt, and love. For Raleigh Jefferson her fairytale is no different.Since she was a little girl, watching Snow White meet her prince as she frolicked through the forest, the idea of Happily Ever After was embedded in Raleigh’s mind. Her heart skipped a beat over the Beast’s love for Belle, and she knew she’d swim the ocean to save her black haired prince from drowning, even without a mermaid tail. Destiny and forever. She wouldn’t settle for anything less.

She wasn’t looking for a man to frolic in the forest for her. If she were to actually witness such a thing she’d probably smack the man for acting a fool. But she did want her own Cinderella story. She wanted to glide down the aisle in her own glass slippers toward the man she loved, the one who returned that love unconditionally.
She never knew how hard this dream of hers would be until she met him. Will the truth of the world around her and the pain that can be carried in someone’s heart be too much to handle, or can Raleigh find a way to truly live… In The Fairytale?



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Joan Duszynski lives in Virginia with her husband and their three kids. Woods surround her home and she loves the privacy and quiet it brings. She wasn’t always a reader, so that moment when she picked up a book and found herself engrossed in its pages and unable to put it down will never be forgotten. It eventually led her to want to try and write and share stories of her own, in hopes that others will find themselves reading and getting lost inside of them. Thanks can’t be expressed enough for your time and interest. Please feel free to connect with the author either through Email, Twitter, or Facebook.


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